For the pleasure of Allah…

It’s that nagging feeling you’ve tried to push to the back of your mind. It’s the same old question that leaves you feeling uneasy every time. You’ve tried to feed it with simple answers but no matter how hard you try, it resurfaces hungry for more. We’ve all reached that moment at least once in our lives, the dead-end that forces you to ask, “What is my purpose?”

As Muslims we have the answer embedded into our system, one thing, and one fulfilling way of life; to worship Allah. We know this, from the first time we learnt about the five pillars of Islam. We watched our parents pray their salaah on time and with devotion. We observed the peace that enveloped our homes when the beautiful Qur’an was recited, mesmerized by the words we didn’t even understand.  We hoped that one day we’d be able to reach such a spiritual level and when the time came for us to perform all our duties to the Almighty, we stepped up and till today are doing just that but like every wish or goal there comes a moment when you yearn to do more. Then comes the inevitable mind-boggling question, “Why was I created?” to worship Allah of course.

This got me thinking, if I were meant to only worship Allah by performing my prayers and engaging in remembrance of Him then surely I could have been any creation known to man. From insects to plants to the animals, they all worship Allah. But I was created as a human being, with intellect, conscience and emotions. Just listing those has me feeling grateful to my Creator. Alhamdulilah.

How can I go on living a mediocre life when I’ve been blessed with all these bounties? I owe it to my Creator to live a life using my gifts and talents because He gave them to me for a reason. I am the way I am because with my unique abilities I’m meant to make a difference and play my part in the world instead of fading into the background. And from the millions of different creations, Allah has blessed me as I am and still gave me Islam. There’s a reason for that, there’s a reason for everything and when you put your trust in Allah, you can conquer any difficulty with ease.

With the right intentions and for His pleasure only, I believe we can do what we’ve been created for. After all, the only status and recognition that truly matters is from Allah. He made us human to give us that chance and when I think of it like that I know He loves me, He loves us all. And I’d like to imagine Him smiling down at me for taking the first step to an extraordinary Islamic life.


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